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Periodontal Abscess



Treatment of A Periodontal Abscess by Incision and Drainage and

Topical Application of Ozonated Gel 


 Case  Treated By Dr. Punit Vaibhav Patel


28 year male presenting with acute periodontal abscess with respect to upper left

central incisor


Radiographic view of  involved tooth


Draining exudate from the periodontal pocket


Surgical drainage of abscess by placing  sulcular incision

 Performing root planning and curettage to clean  out the pockets, and remove

plaque and calculus from the tooth root


One week postoperative after local application of ozonated gel in periodontal

pocket (0.5ml once daily with a blunt needle for one week)


4 week postoperative; note the gingival recession due to shrinkage of the inflamed ginigva

and excellent healing following application of topical ozonated oil. Patient was not kept on any systemic antibiotic nor any medicated toothpaste during the treatment .