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About Us

Gnosis Wellness Centre Inc. is owned in part and operated by Paul and Wendy Harvey.

We have sold our ozonated oil products on E-bay as pharvey_1951 for ten years now with some measure of success and with wonderful feedback from our satisfied customers. We now feel that it's time to take these products to a wider marketplace and to help expand consciousness about healing and the causes of dis-ease. We hope that your experience with us online will be fruitful and rewarding.

We have had the good fortune over the years to have been mentored by many leaders involved in ozone/oxygen therapy and daily we implement what we’ve learned.

Our Mission Statement:

To bring awareness and tools for both physical and emotional alternative healing and to provide products for the support of persons in their process of paradigm shift towards holistic health management

Paul’s Ozone Story

I first started learning about oxygen therapy in the early ‘90’s from Ed McCabe, Dr George Freibott, Dr Saul Pressman and Geoffrey Rogers and countless others when my ex wife became ill with a little known degenerative disease she feels was caused by an injection of Hepatitis B vaccine.

I manufactured my first ozone generator for air purification in 1991 and had no idea what kind of monster I had created. I was completely unaware of the *dangers* of pulmonary exposure to ozone in large quantities and certainly unaware that in later years, government agencies like Health Canada and the EPA would condemn air-borne ozone and limit the *safe* levels of human exposure to it. My house at the time was a mere 1400 square feet of space. I set the crude machine, completely unenclosed on the bureau in the living room and let it run full-blast for three days straight. I instructed our small children to stay away unless they wished to acquire a new level of consciousness. The machine produced the ozone with 10,000 volts of raw power.

A friend of the family could not visit us more than ten minutes because of her numerous severe allergies to the animals we housed. During the third day, we were having a party. It was a clear cold winter day in Canada and the sun was shining on the snow, but in our house a fog was forming. It was undeniable. There was fog in our house. The fog was not outdoors. It was in our house. It was clearly seen in the rays of sunlight entering the windows. There was no smoking in the house that day. The smokers had been banished to the woodshed. Several of us mused over what the possible cause of the fog could be but none of us suspected it might have been the ozone generator buzzing loudly in the living room. All we knew was that on the fourth day when the fog had cleared, our allergic friend came for a visit and was miraculously able to comfortably visit for several hours. Hmmmmmm.

As it turned out, the machine was capable of sterilizing, not just purifying the air in an area 5000 square feet or more from nasty stuff like smoke damage, similar to the way ozone generators are used today for fire restoration and hotel room sterilization.

I know now that the ozone had eliminated the formaldehyde oozing from every pore of our paneled walls, the plywood floors, the wall-to-wall carpet and the numerous other building materials in our house. I also know that every dust mite that ever dared to live in our house, the dander from the cats, the bacteria from the numerous puppy accidents in the carpet, the mold, the fungus and the spores, not to mention the ten years of smoking in the house, had all been eliminated and turned into a visible fog which when cleared, left the house allergen-free. The ozone had also eliminated chemical danger from the unconscious use of the many toxic cleaning products we then used.

It was then I began my Due Diligence of ozone in earnest. What I have found has caused me to question every aspect of life and consciousness as I *knew* it and I continue to question to this day.


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