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Therapeutic Ozone


Even though we are a Canadian company, the great majority of our sales are in the US and overseas so all our prices are USD.


Please note that our business will be closed July 26th to August 2nd and August 16th to September 18th. When we re-open for business, all inquiries, orders and emails will be processed in order of date received. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Update: Due to major truck problems we will not be back to serve you by September 18th as planned. When these messaages disappear from the website, you will know we are back to business as usual. We cannot say when exactly we will be back. Apologies for this.

Oxy/Ozone Tubing Set
Orig.: From $86.00
Sale: From $74.95
Pediatric Oxygen Regulator CGA 540
Orig.: $105.00
Sale: $64.95
Pediatric Oxygen Regulator CGA 870
Orig.: $105.00
Sale: $64.95
Modified Stethoscope
Orig.: $47.95
Sale: $29.95
Terpene Gas Inhaler
Orig.: From $62.00
Sale: From $55.95
Ozone Insufflation Bag
Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $9.95
Stainless Steel Diffuser
Orig.: $32.00
Sale: $29.50

A few customers have expressed concerns about  trouble checking out by the "Credit Card Payment" method. We do seem to have an issue with this method of payment, so we suggest you use the checkout by Paypal method of payment. You can still use your credit card or a Paypal account to pay for your purchase. Thank you for your attention to this little matter. We are working to resolve it.