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Feedback From Our Customers

Here are a Few Comments Made by our Satisfied Customers

Paul: I just had to tell you about my experience with your ozonated olive oil. I bought a couple of jars of your fully ozonated olive oil about 5 or 6 years ago just because it looked like a good thing to have on hand, say for a first aid kit of sorts.  I put both jars into a 2nd refrigerator we keep in a laundry room and promptly forgot about it and there it sat for all those years, until about two weeks ago. I'm a former medium distance runner and for 15 years or so I'd run 40-50 miles a week - often without socks and in some really nasty shoes - and over time developed some painful cracks in my heels and a 1-inch long crack at the inside edge near the ball of my foot, just back of the big toe.  I stopped running about 12 years ago but the cracks would not heal.  I tried every natural remedy I came across, every soak, paste, oil, ointment etc but nothing had any real impact so I just resolved to living with it.  Every now and then I would take a rasp to the calloused hard edges on either side of the crack at the ball of my foot.  I could file those thick rough edges down to the point where they were level with the rest of my foot but the crack was deeper than the surface, remained painful and just would not heal. Then I read about someone having a very positive experience using ozonated olive oil on a skin issue so I went and dug out that 6-year old ozonated olive oil and applied some to that crack in my foot.  Over the next 7 to 10 days I made maybe 4 or 5 applications and at the end of that time I saw that the crack was healing from the bottom up!  It's been just over two weeks now and the crack is almost completely healed.  I had lived with that painful crack for twenty-five or more years and now it has practically disappeared.  Now I am eagerly looking for any other things that I may have previously resigned myself to living with to try this oil with.  Big thanks to you, Paul, and feel free to use my testimonial as you see fit. Signed: Richard from Indiana


Just needed to tell you that my sister had a cancerous like brown spot on her nose and nothing she tried worked -until she tried your oil. It's completely cleared up!!! HZ, Ontario

Just a quick note to let you know that I have had excellent results with the ozonated oil in treating rosacea. While it has been part of an over-all approach involving diet and other total health approaches which have also supported healing, I believe the oil has made a significant contribution to the clear skin I'm now enjoying.          ~ K.E., British Columbia

Aloha Paul, Happy New Year to you and I'm so glad you online company exists!  The oils are so amazing, I love them.  Take care until next time when I order again!  Aloha from Hawaii!

I have to say that the ozonated olive oil is working wonders for my 90 year old Dad.  At a young age of 5, he had an accident with boiling water which fell on his back and right arm leaving him with very bad scars, he almost died from this.Since last September he’s been treating an ulcer on his back which is about 3x5 inches and quite deep.  He’s being treated at the CLSC 3 times a week.  He also goes in hydro therapy at the hospital once month.  The healing has been very slow.  His skin is so fragile, thin, dry and scarred. One of the nurses at the CLSC recommended this oil.  He has used this oil for the last week and a half and we can’t believe the results.  In 2011 he had an ulcer which took about 14 months to heal.  I strongly believe that with this oil, his treatment won’t be as long. I have eczema problems on my face and will definitely give this a try, this order is for me by the way and will definitely be ordering more for my Dad for continuing healing and prevention of more ulcers. Thank you so much from myself and especially from my Dad. JC, Quebec

I must tell you, at least once a week I send someone to your website because they want to know what kind of moisturizer I use. I had a woman (one of the floorshow models) chase me down at the New York Auto Show recently. She blocked me from walking and actually said, "I'm sorry but I HAVE to know what moisturizer you use...your skin is FLAWLESS", she nearly had a heart attack when I told her how old I was. - MD - New York

My mom healed her hemmorhoids she had for years with the fully ozonated hemp seed oil. It was just a short time she used it . Now being in the hospital she is using it again. I also love the fully ozonated olive oil for my face . I put some mixed in with some skin cream and it makes my face glow  ER, Vancouver BC.

Hi Paul!! Cannot wait to get going!! Ordered my sauna today! God Bless you and your family for your knowledge, hard work and kindness. Your help has truly been a blessing and an answer to my husband and I's relentless prayers.HF,Pennsylvania

Your ozonated oils helps keep bacteria in check and heal gums. It shouldn't be a secret by now how beneficial ozone  and ozonated products are. Wising you and your lovely wife all the best and many thanks for the goodies and service you two provide to humanity. Consantin Ochescu, Las Vegas

Hi Paul I just wanted to let u know I went to the top research center for scleroderma today and the doc was fascinated by my improvement. He has many clients who want alternative treatments so I passed on ur website. I hope people buy machines from u. Ozone is a savior. Mandy

Thanks, Paul! And I cannot thank you enough for the therapeutic result that topical application of ozonated olive oil is having for a problem best left unnamed. Let's just say the true quality of my skin is returning.  Miraculous!

Paul; Here is my testimonial (anecdotal).I come from a family with many members of the allopathic medical community.  We have doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians and hospital administrators.  We are up close with a paradigm that has hit a dead end.  Many of us are quite agnostic toward allopathy even while deriving our livelihood from it, so please withhold my name.
I use ozonated hemp oil as an all purpose antiseptic for skin lesions of all types, from scaly to outright suppurative. It's tackiness keeps it in place better, I feel, than the ozonated olive oil.


My elderly mother (retired pharmacist) had a small, precancerous lesion near an eye frozen off a couple of years ago by a dermatologist.  When it recurred about a year later, she put off going back because she knew it was not a candidate to freeze again and she feared the next escalation in allopathic "treatment".  It grew to a size of 1/4 inch by 2 inches  before I noticed it and asked her about it.  It was quite painful.
 She was quite willing to try the ozonated hemp oil, since it certainly was not going to do any harm. The first thing she noticed was that it took the pain away almost immediately.  Within 2 weeks, the lesion had resolved completely. I doubt that she needs to keep using it, but it's not hurting anything so she applies it to where the growth WAS, once or twice a week.  So now I need to reorder.


The other dramatic success I can report is the resolution of a very painful, infected ingrown toenail (daughter).  That took only two days to resolve and save a her a trip to the podiatrist.

I must say, when I'm done bathing and look at my face in the mirror, I see an even complexion! No more red/dark/brown spots under nor around my mouth! You can't imagine how happy I am after struggling and dealing 5 years with this skin rash... I am so grateful for this miracle!! Since I got the fully ozonated olive oil, I've been using it daily. I swear by it from now on and want it to be found in my house always. Planning to buy more very soon, definitely! Thank you again for this miraculous ointment!! Gülsüm, Belgium

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your kind words and the great service and products you provide
We've used your products for about 6 months. My mother in law is using the ozonated olive oil on her gums. Her gums were bleeding bad, not anymore.  Not very long after she started using your ozonated oil the gum bleeding reduced and then it totally stopped.
My wife and I use the ozonated hemp seed oil and the ozonated olive oil for gums and cold sores. It works great and I'm sure there are many more uses. I just can't figuered it which one is stronger, so we order them both and use them alternately with great results.
Thank you Paul and thank you ozonatedoilonline team for helping people with your great products.
Constantin, Las Vegas, Nevada


Dear Paul....I want you to know I love sharing your oil with people and watching the results. Today I gave some to a friend who has been in constant pain with the nerves in her mouth because of implants. I thought she would just rub some on her jaw, but instead she went into the bathroom and put the oil on her dentures (?) and when she came out she told me that the pain was gone! Very cool.  Thank you again for what you do.         Janice Marshall, fan

I've been using the fully ozonated olive oil on my dog's itchy paws this last week and it's working great. She has food allergies and our neighbor gave her a huge dog "biscuit" that typically leads to weeks of itching.  I've been applying the oil twice a day and she doesn't itch them at all.  Such a relief (for her and us). MC, Maryland

OMG OMG OMG you would not beleive, well yes you would believe because you already know!!
This product is sooo awesome, you would not believe the burn scars are almost all gone.
Incredible. I am using the Hemp at night and keep in mind not every night and it looks fab. Your product, customer service I cannot say enough good things about you all.  THANK YOU! MM, TX

Hi Paul I am just learning how to use your oils and am really intrigued by how many uses there are for ozone.  I put the grape-seed on the bottom of my feet every day and my tendonitis is so much better.  With all those reflex points in the bottom of the feet I am sure I am getting an energizing treatment every time I do this in the morning.  Thanks Paul!
Looking forward to finding many more uses for the ozonated oils.  Diana

- I've been applying the fully ozonated oil twice daily. I've had allergic rashes for the past 3 years, and the oil has helped greatly! Thank you so much, I will definitely be re - ordering this product again! GL, CA

Hi Paul  I love the lightly ozonated olive oil.  I use it to wash my face everyday.  No more Mary Kay.  The last bottle must have last me almost a year, so a big savings there.  And what everyone has said about getting rid of wrinkles is true.  I had big puffy under eye bags which have gone away too.  People have been asking me what I use.  The age spots on my face are disappearing.  I notice that right away when one just disappeared within a week.  I just started using it as an underarm deodorant since I read somewhere online that someone else was doing this.  Works great.  I will write again with any other results I get. Thanks again for everything! Gail

I purchased the ozonated olive oil and it is a miracle. I have had a boil on my arm for almost a year now and I started using the ozonated olive oil and it is almost gone! I have tried everything on this boil and nothing but the ozonated olive oil worked. Everyday the boil gets smaller and its healing very nicely. Thanks alot for this wonderful product. I can't wait to try the macadamia oil. -TH, Ohio
- We use the ozonated coconut oil for just about anything really.  Teenage pimples go away much more quickly.  We've used it on shingles. Fungal infections between the toes.  I use it instead of moisturizer, it's the only thing that won't make me break out. EW, California
- I bought my first jar of your olive oil a month ago and have been experimenting with it. I have the unexplained dermopathy, AKA Morgellons or Advanced Materials (nanotech/synthetic biology) syndrome. The oil was too sticky and strong smelling to use over large areas of skin, but I did find it uniquely useful for treating my ears, nose, lips and mouth/gums, and sores in the hair on my head, mostly due to that same sticky consistancy, and for slow release over hours. It is the least toxic thing I could find that does something, and it stays on and is active over a much longer period than other alternatives. The first day I put it on my hands & face, and noticed the black specks appearing as I was putting it on and also small hair like fibers/artifacts coming out. I plan to continue using your ozonated oil as it is still working, and am trying the hemp oil this time. Interesting product.
Dusted in Oregon
- I do like the new ozonated hemp seed oil.. in fact all your oils.  My wife and I use them all the time... living in Florida we spend a lot of time in the sun and I do think the ozonated oils help prevent sun damage and keep the skin from turning to leather! - WC, FL
- I put some of your ozonated olive oil on my husband’s poison ivy yesterday, and it stopped itching. I put it on him that morning, and at work later that day he said that “that stuff really worked…the poison ivy’s not bothering me at all”. Just another use for “that stuff”.Thanks for a great product. LB, TN

- Hello Paul!  It's the best lotion I have found for my face and you have the best quality of O3! I have been recommending it to my friends that suffer from acne too and they are just amazed with it! keep up the good work :) PS, CO

- Hi Paul, Since the last time I've emailed you this past November, I have been religiously using your ozonated olive oil every night. Since then, my face has been cleared! Thanks for the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide advice, it really helped!  AI, Toronto

- Hi Paul, I love your products. I use the coconut ozonated oil for my face and love it.  Lately, believe it or not,  I've been using it to treat the skin of my hairless sphynx cat after he gets sctratches from fighting. Without the ozone oil, he'll get an abscess every time~ so your oil saves me quite a bit in vet bills. ;) JH,  Stockton CA

- Just had 2 let you know that your ozonated olive oil made my skin cancer disappear from my toe! Thank you for this awesome product! SK, Nelson BC

- Thanks again for the ozonated olive oil to use for my leg. As a paraplegic, I need all the help I can get for my skin conditions. It's a real winner. RB, Ontario Canada

- This oil is very good quality, the best ive found you wont be dissapointed.

- this cream is good, it healed a spot on my arm that refused to go away.

- This shit is for real! Rash I have had for years is fading I will get this again

- I'm so happy you introduced me to ozone. Look what it's done for my burns - BB, GA

-The puppies ring worms were gone in 3 days of mac oil application. Awesome!!! DW

- miracle quality product, great value, fast shipping, incredible customer service

- This is a miracle cream!! The service was fast and great!!!!

- Over the years of dealing with Paul I have found his level of knowledge and quality of product and service to be unbeatable. I previously dealt with a large american outfit which was very unsatisfying, but from my first contact with Paul, I knew, that I had found the man to deal with. I have bought a fair bit of ozone gear from Paul and a fair bit of his amazing ozonated oils, and have found amazing value for money. I have had a personal transformation in my health and I owe a lot of it to oxygen therapy-ozone saunas, ozone water, exercise with oxygen training [which paul got me started on] ozonated oils, oxygen bar are all the foundation of my wellness program. I literally feel 15 years younger than I did a few years back!  We are short of oxygen, and Paul has the solution! Brian Taylor [250] 537-8964

-The little ozone devices you sold me work fantastically for air travel and any congested environment- do advertise their usefulness, now that such things as Swine Flu are worrying folks.

-My wife has had a rash for over two years and has really suffered.  Many doctors and many treatments.  Nothing worked.  She used your ozonated olive oil for two days and her rash is almost gone!  No itch!  No pain!  No burning! TS, Arizona

-Dear Harveys, I just wanted to write and thank you for what you are doing the service you provide to desperate folks like me!  I've had very deep splits on both feet for 18 years which have never healed.  I've tried EVERYTHING!  I first learned of ozone treatment from my dentist who has a machine and treated some oil to try for dental patients.  He gave me a tiny bit of the oil to try and within 24 hours of the first use, I could see a difference!  For the first time in 18 years, the deep cracks in my feet started to actually heal up. You have to know that this condition is SO painful and distressful - causing me to have to keep shoes and socks on my feet all of the time.  As soon as I got up in the morning and  put my feet on the floor, they would split open and bleed. Anyway, I ran out of the oil and started searching the internet for a source of the oil and found your site.  I received my order today, thankfully, and am back on the road to total healing of my poor feet! Thank you SO much for making this amazing product available!  I can't' tell you how happy it makes me to not be in pain for the first time in so many years! NC, California

-This is my 2nd purchase of the fully ozonated olive oil. My mom & I love the softness of our skin. Gums pinker too.

-Smooth, nice smell... Very EFFECTIVE!! HIghly recommeneded. I'd order again!!

-Love it! Scented some lightly ozonated olive and am using for lotion. Ingesting the rest!

-Wonderful product, impressive packaging, good insight. Keep up the good work

-When my daughter visited after not seeing me for 9 months, she exclaimed, "Mom, your face - It's glorious! What did you do? Get me some!" And so I am getting her some ozonated olive and coconut oil - RP, Florida

-I LOVE this olive oil! My very dry skin is so much happier. Thank you! C.N, Portland, OR

-It's a pleasure doing business with people that actually care! It's a rarity anymore -SK, Baxley, GA

-This morning we went for our 6:15 am walk on Willows Beach and my friend couldn’t wait to show me how the nasty painful, inflamed spider bite had “healed miraculously” in less than twelve hours with the use of fully ozonated olive oil. Dr J.S, Victoria, BC

-I’ve been using your fully ozonated olive oil for a month or so and wanted to let you know what’s happened.
Since my face is soooo dry, I ordered a small jar to test. I’ve had a small but weird thing on the side of my nose for years…looked like a broken blood vessel crossed with a watery pimple. A few weeks after starting the oil at night, the thing seemed a little bigger and more transparent, so I figured I’d have a go at draining it. Couldn’t seem to get anything out and then apparently hit a capillary, as blood flowed. Got that stopped and left it alone…and it’s healed up and the pimple thing is GONE, with only a tiny reddish mark remaining, that may disappear with more lavender oil application. I’m so surprised by this!
The rest of my facial skin is considerably happier and no longer dry. Now I’m waiting to see if the oil will work magic on my wrinkles!
Thanks for a great product!    C N, Portland
, OR

 - Just wanted to let you know that my oils arrived today. Thank you
again for your fine packaging, speedy shipping and great product!  D.L. , WA

- I received the ozonated oilve oil and it is wonderful. Believe it or not, I got it for my yearling horse who has a severe joint wound. And it seems to be helping immensely. Thanks so much for offering this product.-Given, West Virginia

-I have used EVERYTHING I know of to heal the sores from the splints on my little dog's broken leg and I've not had any success until using your oil.

 -You have a fantastic product. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

-Very personable seller and wonderful product....will purchase again for sure!

-Fast shipping. Very kind & knowlegable seller. Thanks for your time!

-Fast Shipping++Great OOO++Will be back for more++Thank-you++Recommended Seller++


 -My dentist says this will do wonders for my gums. Thanks a bunch! Great Seller!! 

-IMO the best seller on ebay, helpful,+ knowledgeable, HIGHLY RECOMMEND AAA++

-Super Seller - Ozonating Expert - Highly Recommended - Ebay's Best Best Best !!!

-Wonderful ozone aroma as soon as I took the top off.

-Very knowledgeable about Ozone therapy, Buy from this seller!! A++++++++

 -i'm a loyal repeat customer, that says it all!! thanks-great product and service 

-Awesome seller-A++++. Speedy delivery and top notch comunication. Thanks!!!


-======================>highly recommended<======================


-best price, strong oil, super nice and helpful. shipping to tx took 7 days


-Excellent product, works really fast on skin irritations! Quick shipping too!


-I love the oil ! I will be back for more;thanks so much


-Great seller, great product FAST shipping thanks!


-speedy delivery!!! great merchandise! prompt and efficient transaction! Thanks!


-Great product really works!




-thanks-love the oil


-the best ozonated olive oil on the market - I've tried them all! Great shipping!


-the best ozonated olive oil I've ever used!


-always the best ozonated olive oil; always fresh and fast!


-thanks! worked better than antifungals or antibiotics! a real life saver!


-Dear Paul, thanks so much for the olive oil. It arrived today in Australia a week after ordering and it is still in a gel form. Erika


-Fast, Friendly, and Helpful Service! Loved the oil.. very powerful stuff! Thanks


-Over Delivers-Top Notch Seller-Very Potent Product-Will Buy Again


-Great Ebayer - Very Helpful - Product is Healing my Diabetic Leg Ulcer


-A++++ Great Communication! Fast Shipping!


-Fast shipping to Italy (6days).Package and content in perfect conditions.No frills


-Simply the best customer experience I have ever had on eBay! Beyond a 10+


-Great product,&communication, superfast delivery I would buy from them again A++


-impressed w/ quality of oz'd olive oil; pretty fast shipping across border; thnx