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Ozonated Macadamia oil
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Dec 28, 2008
12:35 PM
Hello O3 Lovers

I've been fully ozonating Olive oil successfully now for 10 years. Just recently I've come across an official patent application online describing the process of ozonating Macadamia Oil. So I tried it. I used a 1200 gauss magnet with the north side up help speed up molecular collision, it worked. I did not recirculate
the end gases. It didn't matter to me either way because the results are still amazing.In the past I've ozonated most oils that one can ozonate, and with varying degrees of success. In my humble opinion (so far) Macadamia oil will soon overshadow olive oil as the oil of choice. My question is this. Is there anyone else who's out there that's using and making ozonated macadamia oil and what are your thoughts ? I do know that MO is higher in monounsaturates than all other usable oils. It smells better, it's creamier, there's less of a taste. I was able to fully ozonate a 500 ml amount in less than 40 hours, on an off, also do you all like my name? I just made it up.
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Feb 02, 2009
9:39 AM
Hi Oxygent
Love the name.
I have seen from your Curezone posts you have the Longevity EXT 120. Did the macadamia oil completely gel and refuse to take on more ozone after 40 hours of ozonation? If so I'm surprised.
I have not ozonated macadamia oil but it is one that has been on my list for some time. We tried shea butter and it was OK, just really hard to use when refrigerated.
Would love to share more with one so experienced. Send me a private email. You'll find two email addresses on our contacts page.

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