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basal cell carcinoma
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Feb 10, 2009
12:49 PM
I was wondering about the efficacy of using ozonated olive oil for skin cancer. I was told that it can be used 2x/day for 3 months & the issue would be resolved. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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Feb 10, 2009
8:11 PM
My wife Wendy tends to grow things on her skin. She recently grew what was a fairly large freckle-looking area on her back (she gets lots of freckles in the summer) into a raised angry-looking piece of flesh that was nothing reminiscent of the skin around it.
We didn't bother getting it analyzed because we knew this was not normal. We just used fully ozonated olive oil on it. We cleaned the skin thoroughly then applied a little dilute DMSO then a goodly amount of fully ozonated olive oil under a large bandage. We did this four times over the course of a week and the mass reverted to the large, smooth , un-raised freckle it started out as. We have treated similar growths with ozone and H2O2 with similar success. Once after using 35% H2O2 on a similar growth, it dried up and was easy to scrape away from the underlying tissue. It took less than a week and there was no sign it had ever been there. The doctor who was ready to biopsy it was enraged when she could not find anything and told us that the cancer would spread throughout her body. That was ten years ago and we haven't heard the C word since HMMMMMM. We changed doctors.

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