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Also new to O3 theraphy
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Nov 22, 2009
1:06 PM
I have just purchased a Synergy dual O3 generator and a used Newlife Elite concentrator. I have a long journey to learn about this healing modality. Is there a great book to learn the various protocols? Also, I need a low flowmeter (I believe it is call a pediatric flowmeter) to get the lower flow rates.) Another area I want to learn about is the humifiers to do ear insufflation and the oil bubblers so I can breathe ozone. Thanks to all! I glad I found you guys!!!
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Nov 23, 2009
6:17 PM
Hi dexterforme
I think by now you will have gotten my reply to your email. I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily.
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Nov 26, 2009
6:01 PM
Yes, Paul, and I appreciate your input. I have so many more questions.
Do I need to bubble the ozone through a humidifier in order to use in my bath/spa?
Can I clean my ductwork with just the ozone outlet plugged into my cold air return?
Will ooo make age spots disappear? Or do I need to do a livercleanse before I use the ooo to clear them up? Enough already, huh? Thanks so much, this is really fun!

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