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Fully Ozonated Oils > Organic Fully Ozonated/Ozonized Coconut Oil 50 ml
Organic Fully Ozonated/Ozonized Coconut Oil 50 ml

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Prod. Code: 50 ml / 1.7 oz

New product in new amber glass jar made from organic expeller-pressed coconut oil. Sealed for your protection. 50 ml or 1.7 oz

Wonderful product for use on the face or as a massage oil. Very moisturizing product. Compare our fully  ozonated oil products here.

Please know that ozonated coconut oil has very few of the original properties of un-ozonated coconut oil. The texture is less viscous, the aroma is much stonger, and the taste is frankly horrible, but it has many more healing properties than un-ozonated coconut oil. We do not recommend it for use on gums. If you find the coconut aroma disagreeable, the addition of a few drops of your favorite essential oil will change the aroma for the better without degradation of the product.