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Organic Fully Ozonated Olive Oil Paste 100 ml

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Prod. Code: 100 ml / 3.4 oz


New fully gelled product in new amber glass jar. Sealed for your protection. 100 ml or 3.4 oz. Gnosis Wellness Centre Inc reserves the right to substitute (2) 50ml size jars for each (1) 100ml size jar purchased depending on stock availability

Fully ozonated, organic gelled olive oil with a rich ozone aroma and a consistency thicker than vaseline when refrigerated. Second highest therapeutic value of all our products. Compare our fully ozonated oil products here.

We are proud to add this fully ozonated olive oil made from Bragg extra virgin, first cold pressed organic olive oil to our product line. This oil has won the prestigious award for "Highest Quality" at the PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE BIOL in Andria, Italy.

We do not recommend this product to be used for internal parasite cleansing as it is many many times more potent than the ozonated olive oil recommended by Dr Clark.