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Fully Ozonated Sunflower Oil 100 ml

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New product in new brown amber glass jar. - 100 ml - Sealed for your protection!

Fully Ozonated Sunflower Oil is similar to Fully Ozonated Olive Oil in all its therapeutic qualities. It has equal therapeutic effectiveness and longevity to fully ozonated olive oil. Please see this comparative article. The main advantage we have discovered with ozonated sunflower oil is the fact that when refrigerated, the oil does not harden like ozonated olive oil or ozonated coconut oil. It also has very little taste compared to fully ozonated olive oil and even moreso, to ozonated coconut oil which has a strong acidic taste. For these reasons we feel that ozonated sunflower oil will make an excellent oil for dental applications. Alternative dentists are using ozonated sunflower oil for periodontal control and abscesses as well as for control of microorganisms during root canal with wonderful results.

Ozonated sunflower oil tends to be a little more 'greasy' when applied to the skin than fully ozonated olive oil, so for skin applications, we still suggest the use of fully ozonated olive oil or ozonated coconut oil. Compare our fully ozonated oil products here.

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