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Terpene Gas Inhaler

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Prod. Code: Gnosis Model 105

This unit is offered as an addition to an existing ozone system fed with oxygen.  When filled with olive oil the ozone interaction with the oil produces terpene gas which may be helpful for lung conditions when inhaled.

The inlet tubing leads to an ozone proof stainless steel and silicone diffuser inside the glass jar. The ozone from your generator bubbles through the oil in the jar and the outlet tube carries the terpene gas to your nasal canula for inhalation.


-glass container

-316 stainless steel and silicone ozone resistant diffuser

-silicone and teflon tubing

-ozone resistant silicone lid

-quick-connects to quickly attach to existing tubing or interface with systems we provide. Taper quick connects are shown in the second picture.

-comes with one adult nasal canula included

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