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Organic Lightly Ozonated Olive Oil 1 litre Animal Use Only

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Prod. Code: 1 Litre / 33.8 oz


We are proud to add to our product line a lightly ozonated olive oil made from Bragg extra virgin, first cold pressed organic olive oil. This oil has won the prestigious award for "Highest Quality" at the PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE BIOL in Andria, Italy.

This product is made to the same exacting standards as the rest of our ozonated oil products but for liability reasons we can only recommend it for use with animals or as a topical for humans.

If you choose to ingest this product, do so at your own risk.

 We reserve the right to substitute two 500ml containers in lieu of one 1 litre container depending on our supplies of  products on hand.

Lightly ozonated olive oil saves hundreds of dollars as an alternative to expensive veterinarian visits for small dog ear issues. When used properly and consistently, the oil may help to clear up ongoing ear inflammations and infestations in canines and may also help with feline ear mite issues. Dogs love this oil. Our Shih Tzu licks it off a spoon. We feel it is an integral part of his ongoing natural parasite reduction program. We have also found that lightly ozonated olive oil is beneficial for skin conditions and wounds.

This product has been ozonated for six hours using a medical grade ozonator, pure oxygen and glass containers. It is made to conform with the Dr Hulda Clark protocols for tape worm and ascaris egg removal in the mop-up phase. Please read her literature for her recommendations.

Lightly ozonated olive oil also makes an excellent massage oil. The healing properties of olive oil have long been applauded for use on the skin and face. Add to that the power of activated oxygen, and you have a remarkable skin care product.

We ozonate the product for six hours rather than the twenty minutes that Dr Clark suggests to ensure a potent product when it reaches your door. Ozonated olive oil will lose it's therapeutic value over time at room temperature. We recommend refrigeration of this product at all times once received. 

Our organic lightly ozonated olive oil product is packaged in HDPE plastic and we will ship by the quickest and most cost-effective method available to ensure it's potency.

This is the only product we do not ship in the summer months unless the buyer is prepared to pay additional for refrigerated shipping. The amount of ozonides in this oil are greatly reduced in comparison to our fully ozonated olive oil because the ozonation time is much much less than fully ozonated olive oil and the product is much less stable. We stop shipping this product at the end of May each year and resume shipping after Labor Day in September unless the customer is prepared to spend extra money on refrigerated shipping.

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