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Fully Ozonated Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a type of oil made from fresh ripe coconuts. When eaten it promotes many health benefits, as it is rich in lauric acid and omega fatty acids. It contains no trans fats.


Fully ozonated coconut oil is made from bubbling pure medical-grade ozone through slightly heated coconut oil for several weeks. The heating of the oil is necessary since natural coconut oil becomes a solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. When the ozonation process is finished, the oil has many of the therapeutic properties of ozonated olive oil. It is antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral.


People use ozonated olive oil for many applications. Ozonated coconut oil has all the same therapeutic properties of ozonated olive oil but in lesser quantities. For some, the texture is more pleasant when used on the face as a night crème. Some find that it is absorbed more readily into the skin.

Please know that fully ozonated coconut oil has very few of the original properties of un-ozonated coconut oil. The texture is less viscous, the aroma is much stonger, and the taste is frankly horrible, but it has many more healing properties than un-ozonated coconut oil. We do not recommend it for use on gums. If you find the aroma disagreeable, the addition of a few drops of your favorite essential oil will change the aroma for the better without degradation of the product.



-Ozonated Coconut oil is wonderful as a massage oil which will help exfoliate the skin with the power of nascent oxygen. Ozonated Coconut Oil is also a great face cremé that moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

-Skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, bites, bee stings, blisters, burns, scrapes. In general, use topically to minimize the potential of infection and promote healing.

-Pets: Pets' skin problems respond well to this oil. If by some chance they should lick it off, it will not harm them in any way. It’s just coconut oil and oxygen after all.

-Fungal infections: Athletes Foot, jock itch, vulvovaginitis


Ozonated coconut oil does not require refrigeration except in high summer temperatures  ( above 75 degrees Fahrenheit) It remains semi-solid until applied to the skin but then readily becomes a very soothing, absorbable liquid which leaves the skin supple, disinfected and moisturized.