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Comparisons of Fully Ozonated Oil Products

Molecular Weight of Ozone in Product:


Hemp Seed    >16gm per 100ml

Olive              >13gm per 100ml

Sunflower      >13gm per 100ml

Grape Seed    > 9gm per 100ml

Macadamia    > 7gm per 100ml

Coconut         > 3gm per 100ml


Care must be taken to keep fully ozonated oils below 150 degrees Fahrenheit. We have found that fully ozonated olive oil if subjected to 180 degrees F until thoroughly heated can explode and cause fire. Refrigeration of fully ozonated oils promotes maximum storage life.


Ozonated Oil Comparisons


Hemp Seed – Highest of all the oils we have ozonated in therapeutic value. Very thick, semi liquid in the refrigerator, thick liquid at room temperature. This oil is very “sticky” and absorbs slowly into the skin so it is ideal for wound dressings or for oral surgery recovery. Two recent studies have shown that ozonated olive oil when used for gingivital lesions and periodontal abscesses improved healing dramatically. We suspect healing time would be even less if ozonated hemp seed oil were used. This oil has a very distinctive hemp oil taste that may be objectionable compared to other ozonated oils.

One remarkable quality of this ozonated oil  is that it is practically waterproof when applied to dry skin because of it's stickiness. It will remain on the skin in extreme aquatic conditions to provide antimicrobial protection where other ozonated oils will not.

We do not recommend this oil for use on the face or scalp as it is very sticky and slow to absorb. If used on the body it is best to be covered with gauze.


Olive- Second highest therapeutic value, hard gel-like consistency when refrigerated, soft gel to semi-liquid at room temperature depending on temperature, liquid at 30 degrees C and over. Texture is somewhat “greasy” upon initial application on the skin but absorbs within ten minutes to an hour depending on how much is applied. For severe skin conditions best to use liberally covered with gauze or bandage. Anti microbial action is due to the nascent oxygen trapped in the ozonide molecule. Body temperature releases the nascent oxygen from the oil. Strong ozone aroma when applied on the skin. Fully ozonated olive oil is by far our most popular general-use product.

Good for use on any part of the body. Do not apply to eyes.


Sunflower– Tied with olive in therapeutic value,  hard gel when refrigerated,  soft gel to thick liquid at room temperature. Texture is somewhat “greasy” when used on the skin and absorption is slow into the skin. For this reason this oil is best used in the mouth on the gums and in perio pockets or for wound bandaging.


Grape Seed– Fourth in therapeutic value, soft gel consistency when refrigerated, semi liquid at room temperature. This oil is great oil for facial use since it absorbs quickly and still has good therapeutic value. Can be used interchangeably for ozonated olive oil in all applications if a smoother texture is desired. Mild ozone aroma.


Macadamia– Fifth in therapeutic value, hard gel consistency when refrigerated, soft gel at room temp. Perhaps even smoother and more absorbable than grape seed oil, this oil is wonderful for the face and also can be used interchangeably for ozonated olive oil where smoother texture and absorbability are concerns. Pleasant aroma. This is Wendy's favorite for a night creme on her face.


Coconut– Least therapeutic of all our ozonated oils, very hard consistency when refrigerated, semi hard at room temp, liquid above 28 degrees C. Where this oil lacks in therapeutic value, it makes it up for it in its moisturizing abilities, its absorbability and its texture. This oil is great for dry skin in any season and it smells good too.


We produce absolutely pure products with no additives. If you wish to change the aroma of any of our fully ozonated oil products, you may do so without degrading the product by the addition of a few drops of your favourite pure essential oil. You may need to place the oil in a warm water bath to do this to liquefy the oil and mix in the essential oil. You may also wish to place a small amount of the original ozonated oil in a smaller container to experiment with the amount of essential oil to be added before scenting the entire jar.


Texture or viscosity of any of our ozonated oils can also be altered by the addition of some of the same un-ozonated oil. The ozonated oil may have to be warmed slightly to liquefy it and to mix in the un-ozonated oil. This will reduce the therapeutic value of the oil slightly but the trade-off is that it may be easier to use. Scenting of the oil as described above can also be done at the same time.