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Conscious Living


Cowspiracy - A film on the impact of the world's population raising and eating meat animals and it's environmental impact - very surprising

ET Invasion Has Already Happened and Governments do not Want Us to Know. - Interview with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower

Chemtrails - links to more information

Meat Glue - One more thing to be aware of that may not be in our best interests

Environmental Alternatives - Great website with a lot of good information

5 Natural Mosquito Repellant Plants for Your Garden

Houndstooth Non-Anaesthettic Pet Dental - finally pet dentistry without the usual veterinarian complications

North Americans wipe their butts with non-renewable trees - Great article from the Health ranger on toilet paper use

Dirty Electricity Part 1 - Are Compact Low Energy Light Bulbs Really Safe?

Dirty Electricity Part 2

Medical Imaging - Is that CT scan worth the radiation you're exposed to?

The Story of Stuff  - A wonderful, enlightening presentation of the problems associated with North American consumerism and its Global impact.

The Stimulus - a very simple description of how governments do busines today

Five Little Monkeys - I heard this story many years ago and never forgot it. It has made me think many times about my own behaviour. There were 6 monkeys in the original UCLA behavioral study, but this video portrays the essence of how learned behaviour controls many outcomes

A Bold Vision to Change the Course of History

Conspiracy Theories? Health Ranger Mike Adams interviews former governor Jesse Ventura

Government Explained - A wonderful little video which explains the absurdity of our present system of government

When False Flags Don't Fly - James Corbett, The Corbett Report

A Statement of the Affairs of our Mother Earth - poignant

False Environmentalism - a look at agendas on our planet and what you can do about them by Mike Adams- very good mini documentary.

Hungry for Change - Great trailer for a video that tells it all about why North America is sick & obese & how we can change our destiny