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Excellent, in-depth article on ozone therapy

Anaerobic VS Aerobic Bacteria and Ozone - why good bacteria dont get destroyed

Excellent Power Point Presentation on Treating Burns with Ozone

Watch Bill Munro's Video about how to Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide

Dr Julian Holmes' ozone site for professionals. Find an ozone practitioner worldwide and other great ozone information

Excellent interview  on the Paula Gloria show with Pola Polish on ozone and other good healing modalities

Dr Karen Becker on Ozone Therapy for pets - excellent article

Dr Howard Robins Clinic Website - One of the major players in ozone today

Ozone - The Next Therapy Part 1by Gary Null TV on You Tube - a preview of the upcoming documentary

Ozone - The Next Therapy Part 2

Ozone - The Next Therapy Part 3

The Analyst -A good overview of ozone, ozonated oil and hydrogen peroxide uses in plain language

Video of Dr Julian Holmes speaking of the use of ozone in dentistry

Dr O discusses the use of ozone therapy for the eyes

Direct Intravenous Ozone (DIV) Excellent video on how to administer it

Basil Wainwright's Polyatomic Aphoresis