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Ozone Articles


Small Clinical Trial in Spain using ozone shows promising results for Covid-19

The Safety and Benefits of Direct Intravenous Ozone - Dr Howard Robins

Suggested O2 Flow Rates and Concentrations for Ozone Therapy Applications

Suggested Settings for ozone Applications

Risks Of Ozone Therapy and How to Avoid Them

Anaerobic VS Aerobic Bacteria and Ozone - why good bacteria dont get destroyed

Using ozone in the Sauna - Excellent article by  Nenah Sylver PhD

Free Radicals and Ozone - Dr Saul Pressman from The Story of Ozone

What is Ozone?  An overview of what ozone is and how Mother nature purifies our planet with it. Information on many uses of ozone for purification of air, water and the body.


Corona Discharge VS Ultraviolet Ozone Production


Ozone Generator 101  A detailed description explaining the diffences, qualities, deficiencies etc of various ozone generators and their uses


How to Build an Effective Air Dryer - Frustrated with the stupid little air dryer you got with your Chinese ozonator?


Ozone Saunas and Rashes - An excellent explanation of why this happens and what you can do about it


Prolozone to Regenerate Joints and Eliminate Pain - Dr Frank Shallenberger


Ozonated Saline for Eyes - Good video explaining how to make it and the benefits of using it.


Ozone (ozol) Inhalation - Great article about inhaling ozone through aromatic oils such as pine, thyme, and/or eucalyptus and especially tea tree oil.

 Air Pollution in the News - One of thousands of recent articles on Global Air Pollution


The REAL TRUTH about Ozone and Smog

Ozone in Medicine - Overview and Future Directions - Gerard V Sunnen, MD

Hepatitis C and Ozone Therapy - Gerard V Sunnen, MD

Ozone Suppression in North America - a bit of history

Ozone - Information and Applications

Ozone Oxygen Therapy to Treat Cancer - What You Need To Know

Ozone Therapy in Practice - Ministry of Health Service of the Russian Federation

How to Use Ozone to Treat Almost and Illness at Home - Dr Frank Shallenberger

The Effect of Ozone on Colonic Epithelial Cells