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Cedar Leaf Essential Oil

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Insect Repellent

For mosquitos, black flies, fleas, ticks and other biting insects, including bedbugs.
Safe for your pet, too.

For the Skin

Helps remove warts, skin tags and fungal growths. Relief for itchy poison ivy rash or insect bites.

Aches and Pains

Massage into the skin or use in a hot compress or steam bath to ease rheumatism, arthritis and achy muscles.

In the Air

Can be diffused for aromatherapy or to help manage odours, mold, mildew and bacteria in homes and office buildings.

Environment Friendly

Made from cedar hedge clippings or waste from forestry operations.

100% Natural

No added ingredients
For external use only.

Cedarleaf Oil

Cedar Leaf Oil is distilled from cedar foliage that would otherwise be wasted. It is produced in Ontario from local cedar.

It is most often used in washes or compresses to ease aches and pains or heal skin conditions such as fungal infections or skin tags.  Sprayed on bedding, clothing or in the air, it can repel or even kill insect pests.

Cedar Leaf Oil can be used directly on the skin, but avoid applying directly on children, pets or people with sensitive skin.

Valley Cedar leaf Oil is 100% essential oil of Eastern White Cedar.  Nothing is added.

Available in three sizes:

15 ml Dropper - trial size

25 ml Spray - handy to carry in purse or backpack

50 ml Spray - economical; for heavier uses

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