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Summer Shipping of Oils

Many buyers have contacted us expressing concerns about shipping fully ozonated olive oil non-refrigerated. It seems that several manufacturers of ozonated oil products do not ship in the summer months, supposedly due to increased temperatures and possible spoilage of the product. In response to these questions we state that since ozonated olive oil has a very long shelf life even at room temperature, and we use temperatures of over 30C in the manufacturing process, a few days of shipping will not deteriorate the product. We take all precautions to ensure the potency of the product. It is shipped packaged in a frozen state and the most cost effective and speedy method of shipment is implemented. Your order may arrive liquified, but refrigeration will restore its gel-like consistency.

To test our opinion we have sent our products to the Middle East and back by slow boat in the summer months. The entire trip lasted eight weeks. We were quite surprised to find that the oils returned very nicely to a solid gel when refrigerated and they smelled strongly of ozone when opened. To all intents and purposes the oils were as potent as when they left. We believe that if unopened and the seal unbroken, a jar of our ozonated oils will lose no potency for a few days during even the most intense summer temperature. We do not believe all the hype that ozonated olive oil needs to be refrigerated at all times. We believe this is simply other companies trying to provide for themselves a marketing advantage. We do believe that ozonated oils should be refrigerated once opened to preserve the nascent oxygen in the ozonide molecule.

The only product we do not recommend shipping in the summer is our Organic Lightly Ozonated Olive Oil. It has much fewer ozonides and is therefore much less stable and prone to deterioration than our other ozonated oils. We do not consider winter shipping of this product a problem since the product is ozonated longer than recommended by Dr Clark and the product only degrades rapidly with high heat. It is shipped frozen and the least expensive but cost effective method of shipping is implemented.

We will discontinue shipping of organic lightly ozonated olive oil on May 31st and resume shipping orders in September.