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Motivation and Spiritual


Traditional Irish Blessing

Shift Happens - A Statistical Perspective of where we are in the World today - Very Enlightening Indeed

2012 Year of Power - Lee Harris

David Wilcock - Occupy yourself

The Wave of Love - Beautiful Sacred Geometry forms bringing higher vibrational consciousness

Choose Love - Beautiful video about choices we can make

Neale Donald Walsch - Author of "Conversations With God" Discusses the Emotion of Fear

The Power of Attitude -Maintaining a high-altitude attitude isn't always easy. Heres a liitle movie to help uplift yours

Get Service - If we could see another's pain behind the mask they wear, how different would the world be?

The Philosophy of Liberty - Excellent Flash Presentation of what Liberty means

Thought Provoking Video - About how money is spent in North America

http://www.klemmer.com  Experiential Personal Development - The best in its class! 

The Compassionate Samurai - Brian Klemmer discusses his new book from a Christian perspective

http://www.personalitytypes-relatingwell.com/index.html Discover how Personality Types Affect your Relationships


Looking for a Miracle - Wonderfully inspirational new song from Bill Mann

Johnny the Bagger - Inspirational story of how each person can make a difference

Validation - A 16 minute fictitious short film about the value of a smile

Get Back up, Nick Vujicic - Wonderful video about winning against all odds

Enjoy the Ride - Lovely little slide show

The Awakening - Questioning reality, beliefs and the very fabric of our existence

A Warm Embrace - The Great Bell Chant - very moving and peaceful

A Beautiful Irish Blessing

Power of Visualization with Gregg Braden

A Good Day - narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast

Interview with Dr Hew Len - ho'oponopono Series of 9 videos 2 of 9, 3 of 9, 4 of 9, 5 of 9, 6 of 9, 7 of 9, 8 of 9, 9 of 9

Beautiful Ho'oponopono song

Vision Alignment Project - A Vision for Gardens - Imagine what the world could be.

Awakening As One - Beautiful trio of videos showing how we can change our world

Loved by the Sun - Beautiful music video by Tangerine Dream performed by some very young and talented people

Gratitude - Spoken word and music montage created and composed by Gary Malkin. Narration written and spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.

I Am Not Black - poignant video about labels

Why Your Life is not a Journey - Alan Watts and David Lindberg