April 10, 2014 @ 10:51 AM

Growing up on a farm in rural southern Ontario did not hold a lot of excitement for me. The people were wonderful and the lifestyle was simple. I had more ambition than most and shortly after some University education at the University of Guelph, I had a lucky break and embarked on a career in show business. I created my own sound and lighting company, had wonderful success but became burned out in the process. I then became a member of a prestigious stagehand union in Toronto. I worked with Stars all over North America and beyond doing sound for mega musical productions like Phantom, Joseph, and Les Miserables. I rose to the pinnacle of that business but after 1250 shows of Phantom, I realized there was no more challenge and excitement left for me and slowly phased out of show business. It was during this process that I discovered ozone and it's uses.

I started learning about ozone and in 1989 when I moved from Ontario to British Columbia. I learned quickly from some very good mentors that ozone could sterilize a household environment and greatly reduce the toxins in the house, making it easier for people with animal allergies to visit safely without discomfort. I then took my Due Diligence of ozone to a whole new level and discovered that ozone could inactivate or eliminate practically all known pathogens to man and that it was being used for water purification, air purification and purification of the human body. I also discovered that the FDA had certified ozone as capable of eliminating 99.998% of all known pathogens when used in water. I also discovered that the Canadian government had spent a great deal of the taxpayers' money to fund a study on the effectiveness of ozone in purifying human blood for purposes of transfusions for the military. The study concluded that ozone was safe and effective in purifying blood and destroying all dangerous pathogens commonly associated with tainted blood transfusions. I further discovered that the CDC had been told of the effectiveness of ozone in purifying human blood as far back as 1984. It's unfortunate that this knowledge did not reach the appropriate powers that be in governments, as we hear almost monthly of more payouts with taxpayers' money to people who contracted Hepatitis C, Aids, and the like.

It was during a tour with Les Miz to Alaska in 1994 that I discovered how badly certain power groups want to disinform people and discredit ozone. Alaska became the first state to legally accept ozone as a therapeutic treatment. A medical doctor had stuck his neck out and illegally used ozone to treat a state senator for cancer. When the senator recovered and became governor, he passed a law stating that ozone could be legally used by practitioners as a form of treatment. To this day the AMA states that ozone has "no medicinal value". Meanwhile, I'm sitting in my hotel room in Anchorage in 1990, idly looking through the Yellow Pages, when I discovered that practically every second page had a blurb about how toxic and deadly ozone was for humans at ground level. We're not just talking about a little one-liner, we're talking about full and half-page ads. Somebody was spending a lot of money to discredit ozone and to misinform the public.

Ozone is unpatentable; therefore it cannot be controlled or profited from by businesses with vested interest. Ozone is a powerful detoxifier and healer. Therefore it is an enemy to certain organizations with vested interests in other forms of healing.

My whole world was turned upside down when I learned all the implications about ozone. It has made me a non-believer in practically everything I see on TV and read in Magazines. I now question everything. I feel it's my duty to inform people of what I've learned if they have the ears to hear and really want to know. My own mother died of breast cancer at the age of 45. I was 4 when she died. If I knew then what I know now and if she would have listened, I'm sure she would still be alive on the planet and in great health. The amount of time and effort I have expelled in this lifetime figuring out my problems because of her death has been substantial. No-one should have to deal with abandonment like that. Still, ignorance continues to this day as the medical mafia cuts, burns and poisons, turning a blind eye to treatments that work.

I discovered in the early "90's the power of ozonated oils. I found that oil is the only medium that retains oxygen in an active or nascent state. The scientists tell us that the half-life of ozone is a mere twenty minutes or so in any other medium, but personally, I think the jury's still out on that one. Ozonated oils retain their nascent oxygen in ozonide form almost indefinitely when refrigerated. For this reason, ozonated oils when used on the epidermis will cleanse the skin of pathogens and promote healing. Uses of the oils are vast and new uses are being discovered. The journey continues...................